Printronix launches new generation of high-end thermal printers

Printronix launches new generation of high-end thermal printers


Printronix launches new generation of high-end thermal printersPrintronix is launching the T8000 Thermal Printer series of high-end thermal printers, with the aim of offering the best thermal printers currently on the market. According to Printronix, the T8000 benefits from unmatched industrial performance, ease-of-use and ability to print 100 per cent scannable barcodes, exceeding the requirements of the most demanding operations in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and retail distribution.

Andrew Kim,Senior Product Manager at Printronix, says: “The T8000 is another major milestone in our thermal product portfolio development. Based on our innovative architecture, it demonstrates unsurpassable processing power and print speed with uncompromised quality.”

Printronix has designed the T8000 with several industry-first features:

  • Coolest in the Industry. With fanless ventilation and new intelligent printhead heat management, the T8000 provides reliable performance in sub-zero environments. Operating in environments as cold as -5degC for direct thermal and 5degC for thermal transfer applications without a heated enclosure, the T8000 provides cold supply chain customers with recognisable performance and cost savings.
  • PostScript/PDF Printing. The T8000 offers seamless connectivity to ERP and WMS systems via direct printing of PostScript and PDF. With both 203 and 300 DPI support and 35 embedded fonts, the T8000 integrates easily with ERP systems such as SAP to print labels without any custom driver installation. Andrew Kim says: “I am also particularly excited to introduce customers to the first thermal barcode printer offering easy and seamless connectivity to PostScript and PDF files, making T8000 a true plug-n-play in all ERP systems. Applications traditionally printed on laser or inkjet printers can now be done on a more rugged and reliable thermal platform.
  • Easy to Use. New 3.4inch high-resolution colour screen displays intuitive printer setup and print quality configuration wizards, coupled with QR codes to reference how-to videos and resources online to make the T8000 very easy to operate. The Quick Change Memory Card (QCMC) stores the printer configuration and network settings, allowing for easier installation and configuration of new printers.
  • Enterprise Performance. Designed with a high-power ARM A9 processor, 512MB RAM and 128MB flash memory, the T8000 can print high-quality large and complex labels with speeds of up to 14 IPS. The T8000 is also equipped with Printronix’ PrintNet Enterprise for remote management that enables users to configure and monitor printers across a global enterprise via a ‘virtual panel’ on any internet-enabled computer or portable device.
  • Industrial Grade. Printronix has built the T8000 with the same rugged and reliable design that customers have come to expect over the past 40 years. An optional heavy-duty ‘durable’ printhead offers double the life of the standard printhead for customers eager to minimise total cost of ownership. In addition, Printronix is committed to protecting the environment by manufacturing the T8000 to be Energy Star compliant.

Built-in code verification

Printronix says it offers an exclusive ability to produce 100 per cent readable and verified barcodes by offering the T8000 with the optional Online Data Validator (ODV). By eliminating bad barcodes in supply chains, customers can improve productivity while reducing chargeback fines.

Plamen Petkov, Printronix’ Thermal Products General Manager, says: “Having quality barcodes in your supply chain is critical to operating proficiently in a global commerce. The T8000 delivers on this need by utilising ODV to ensure every label printed is of quality and, if not, strikes the label out and automatically re-prints a new one.”

Follow the link to find out more and watch a short video about the T8000 Thermal Printer series.

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